Ten Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Visiting Your Urologist

Urologists are trained physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions of the urinary tract and male reproductive system.

Reports say men often hesitate to visit a urologist, especially those with reproductive system-related concerns. However, it is advisable to consult your physician for any urology needs to avoid future risks/worse conditions.

Let’s talk about some common mistakes you should refrain from when visiting a urologist and where you can go around Mint Hill, NC, for world-class urology care.

Mistake #1 Urologists are Only for Seniors.

This is a wrong concept as urologists in North Carolina and across the country care for both male and female–of all ages. Some specialize in women’s issues, and some, such as Dr. Richard Natale at Carolina Urology Partners, are experts in men’s health issues.

Also, men should consult urologists for prostate cancer screening by age 50–earlier if there is a familial tendency for this disease. PSA testing reveals the possibility of malignancy even before patients are symptomatic. So, don’t make the mistake of avoiding this important preventive care simply because you are not elderly.

Mistake #2 Avoid or Postpone Your Urology Visit.

If you are symptomatic, please don’t think the underlying problem will disappear on its own. Pain upon urination, blood in semen or urine, persistent erectile dysfunction, and other symptoms are not normal. So, don’t put yourself at risk by delaying your visit.

Mistake #3 Withhold Information from Your Urologist.

Maybe your PCP suspects you are diabetic or have a family history of kidney stones, prostate cancer, or other issues. Your overall health and your heredity play significant roles in your genitourinary well-being. Share your complete history with your urologist, so he or she knows how to proceed in your care.

Mistake #4 Feel Overly Embarrassed about Your Symptoms, Questions or Concerns.

Maybe you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, low libido, stress incontinence or something else which is private and difficult to discuss. Don’t worry; your urologist has treated numerous people just like you. This specialist has heard and seen it all, and he or she just wants to help you have the best GU health possible.

Mistake #5 Don’t Ask Your Urologist about Qualifications.

Board-certified urologists have many years of training beyond medical school. Before scheduling a consultation, know about your doctor’s training and how other patients feel about their care. In other words, do your research.

So, if you have a specific diagnosis and wish to investigate a certain treatment, ask the doctor if he or she has experience with the condition and the care you need.

Mistake #6 You and Your Spouse Cannot Conceive. Refrain from Asking about Tests and Treatments.

Your urologist at your men’s health clinic is your go-to for male fertility problems. He can evaluate your sperm activity and number, do ultrasound imaging of your penis and testicles and more. Additionally, he has treatments that boost testosterone and address other factors which impact male fertility. He also performs vasectomies, the premium method of male birth control.

Mistake #7 A Bladder Infection Doesn’t Need Treatment.

Sadly, most UTIs don’t go right away. In fact, they can persist and worsen. Antibiotics prescribed by your GU specialist is one of the best ways to clear the bacteria causing the urinary frequency, pain, and burning sensation of bladder infections. Plus, if this is a frequent problem, your urologist can uncover the physiological and structural reasons for it.

Mistake #8 Urinary Tract and Men’s Health Problems are Part of the Aging Process. So, Should I Just Grin and Bear It?

Issues such as erectile dysfunction and frequent bathroom trips do have an age component. However, severe symptoms are abnormal no matter the age. Accordingly, seek treatment from your urologist in Concord, and find the relief you deserve.

Mistake #9 Don’t Ask About Nutrition, Lifestyle Habits, and Your Genito-urinary Health.

Your urologist has a wealth of information about habits, such as smoking, which destroy urinary and reproductive tract health and function. He or she also has tips to improve your hydration habits, so you thrive and not just survive.

Mistake #10 Never Admit to Depression, Anxiety, or Relationship Problems.

These conditions do impact your overall health and men’s sexual health in particular. So, if you’re hurting emotionally and mentally, tell your urologist and get a referral to a mental health specialist or counselor who can address your concerns.

Carolina Urology Partners in Mint Hill, Concord and Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for the finest in urology care and men’s health evaluation and treatments, consult Dr. Richard Natale at Carolina Urology Partners. Dr. Natale is a board-certified physician who will discuss your health needs in an open, compassionate manner. Besides, he is a specialist in the installation of penile implants and other states of the art procedures.

We offer a wide range of tests and treatments to resolve prostate enlargement, urinary incontinence, male infertility, and more.

To know more about the care plan or schedule a consultation, call us today at (704) 786-5131, or fill out our convenient online appointment form.

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