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The Gleason Score Explained

Most urologists use the Gleason score to better understand the composition of a prostate tumor. While it is not, by […]

Eroxon Erectile Gel. Does It Work?

Early in September, the FDA approved an over-the-counter erectile dysfunction gel marketed under the brand name Eroxon. This gel is […]

Should I Be Worried About Priapism With My ED Treatment

The four-hour erection, also known as priapism, on the surface, may sound like the pinnacle of masculinity, but in truth, […]

What Makes PSA Levels Rise?

When most patients get a PSA reading, they don’t know the history of this test that turned it from one […]

Comparing Viagra (generic: Sildenafil) and Cialis (generic: Tadalafil)

When patients start to lose their erectile function, it can be a tough time in their lives. For many, the […]

Prostate Cancer, Recovery & Expectations: Incontinence

The recovery after prostatectomy or the removal of the prostate is a dicey subject that thousands of men have to […]

Five Common Myths About BPH and Its Symptoms

When it comes to BPH and enlarged prostate, there can be a lot of confusion because there are so many […]

Can I Have More Than One BPH Procedure?

This September celebrates Urology Awareness Month and Healthy Aging Month, and what better way to kick off these health holidays […]

Priapus (P-shots) For Erectile Health – All Hype or Legit?

P-Shots or Priapus shots, aptly named for the Roman god of sexual health, are a fast-growing trend in the world […]

Killing Two Birds With One Stone With a Penile Implant

You’ve likely read elsewhere on this website that penile implants are a safe and effective way to help patients with […]

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