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Are UTIs Only for Women?

UTIs can be caused by bacteria that enter the urethra, the tube that connects the bladder to the outside of […]

Is There a Cure for ED?

Loss of sexual function isn’t something most men want to think about, let alone talk about or seek help for. […]

How a Urologist Can Help Avoid a Chronic UTI

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are most commonly diagnosed in women, but many men over age 50 are at increased risk of developing this infection due to an enlarged prostate gland. Most men will experience symptoms of an enlarged prostate as they age, including effects to the bladder that can cause a chronic UTI. A urologist…

Why a Penile Implant Can Do More Than Restore a Man’s Sex Life

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common men’s health issue, and Penile implants are the only permanent cure for ED. A […]

Do I have Peyronie’s Disease? When to See the Urologist

Peyronie’s disease is the development of rigid scar tissue within the penis, which can lead to abnormal curvature, painful erections, […]

Are Penile Implants Safe?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common issue, with as many as 30 million men having some degree of ED in […]

The Complete Guide to Penile Implants

Roughly 30 million males have some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED) in the United States alone. Men who cannot get […]

Treating An Enlarged Prostate

If you are a man who makes frequent trips to the restroom or has difficulty urinating, you may display signs […]

Should Your Significant Other Attend Your Urology Appointments

For most people, going to a doctor’s office for even a routine examination is enough to raise blood pressure and […]

What Men Should Know About Penile Implants

According to the Cleveland Clinic, as many as 52 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. Erectile Dysfunction […]

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