Should Your Significant Other be Involved in Your Urology Appointments

For most people, going to a doctor’s office for even a routine examination is enough to raise blood pressure and spike anxiety levels. Nobody should try to navigate the system alone. Everyone should hope to have what is called a health buddy, who goes along for routine checkups, annual tests and who, during hospitalization, can serve as an extra pair of eyes, ears and perhaps hands.

They say in psychology, that support is critical for someone’s physical and mental health. Social support will help one cope with the stressors of everyday life, and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Especially when dealing with medical issues, support is important. While some men’s health conditions can seem very personal and stressful, it might put your mind at ease to have someone with you that loves and cares for your health and well-being.

Did you know that studies show that the average patient forgets half of what is said as soon as the appointment is over? Truth is, from experience, it is good to have your significant other with you, not only just as your support system, but also, that person can help you remember what the doctor said and make sure you get your questions and concerns addressed.

During your urology appointment, your significant other and health buddy can help you prepare for a doctor’s appointment by rehearsing possible concerns and writing down important questions. During the visit, your health buddy can bring up what you may be reluctant or embarrassed to ask and take comprehensive notes. A health buddy is also indispensable after leaving the doctor’s office, helping you follow through on what the doctor advises.

To learn more about urology and the value of having your significant other at your appointment, call Charlotte Men’s Health at (704) 786-5131 to request an appointment with Dr. Richard Natale, or request and appointment online.

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