Natural Ways to Increase Blood Flow to Minimize Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a common concern among middle-aged men, and it is often a result of lessened blood flow to the penis either due to age or lifestyle choices that may compromise arterial health. PDE 5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis are specifically formulated to address these blood flow issues by relaxing the muscles in the artery walls, allowing for better blood flow. Though these medications are very effective, they can be made to last longer and work better and more consistently when patients follow a vascular-friendly lifestyle. This article will talk about how to do just that.

With that said, however, it’s essential also to discuss a couple of other reasons why patients may experience erectile dysfunction. There’s always the question of desire. For some men, this may be a result of a routine or sporadic sexual relationship with their long-term partner or can come from low testosterone, known as hypogonadism. For others, traumatic injuries or prostatectomy can also cause erectile dysfunction. Medications are less effective in these cases, and patients should seek specialized care from a specialist urologist like Dr. Natale.

Getting Back the Blood Flow

Ultimately, compromised blood flow results from plaque sticking to the arteries’ walls and narrowing the blood vessel’s diameter, thus reducing blood flow. Because the arteries that feed the penis are so small, this plaque often manifests as erectile dysfunction well before it becomes a coronary issue, for example. As you may know, arterial plaque in the penis cannot be reversed; instead, we have to manage what we have.

Managing Lifestyle & Health

Obesity is a leading cause of arterial disease and is generally caused by a combination of a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Changing your diet for the better by eliminating or reducing saturated fats, high-sugar foods, and empty carbohydrates can yield benefits within weeks, let alone months or years. As your body “works” better and processes what it consumes more efficiently, the result will positively affect blood flow and, ultimately, erectile function.

Hydration is so important. Water makes up a significant portion of a red blood cell. Even a slightly dehydrated (1-2%!) patient can have significantly more viscous blood, which requires the heart to work harder. Proper hydration reduces the viscosity of the blood, allowing for a more efficient flow of blood around the body and can improve function.

Exercise is also critical. Like any other in the body, the heart is a muscle and must be exercised to ensure top performance. Even if you have exercised for years or decades, starting now is very important. If you have heart disease or other chronic ailments, speak to your specialist medical team to ensure any exercises are within the bounds of your abilities. That said, half an hour a day, five days a week of moderate exercise (and more if possible), can do wonders for your blood flow.

Managing Hormonal Changes and Balance

As mentioned above, there is the possibility for a condition known as hypogonadism or low testosterone to cause a lack of desire that, in turn, manifests as erectile dysfunction. Speaking to a men’s specialist and urologist like Dr. Natale is a great way to address both. Try to avoid unscrupulous men’s clinics, however, as there is a tendency to make less informed diagnoses and overprescribe testosterone to show results. Men with hypogonadism need less testosterone than they think, if at all. Seeing a qualified urologist is always best.

Deficiencies in various vitamins and nutrients can also compromise blood flow. Visit your primary care physician for your annual check-up and bloodwork to determine if you have any deficiencies. You may also wish to speak to your primary care physician about supplementation, including fish oil, which can be very cardioprotective. A body working efficiently is a great way to make ED therapies more effective.

You may have read about nitric oxide and its effect on erectile function elsewhere in the blog. There is no specific nitric oxide supplement. However, some supplements promote the body’s nitric oxide production and may help. This includes L-citrulline, among others.

The Bottom Line

Dr. Natale wants all patients to understand that erectile dysfunction need not be something you have to live with or be ashamed of. The first and most crucial step is to speak to a qualified and knowledgeable men’s health urologist like Dr. Natale to understand the causes of erectile dysfunction and the various options for your situation.

From there, there is a treatment for any severity or any circumstance, whether it’s medication, injections, or procedural solutions like a penile implant.

We look forward to seeing you in our office for an ED consultation and helping you address erectile function.

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