What Is Phalloplasty?

A phalloplasty is a highly complex plastic surgery procedure whereby a penis is created in several stages. Phalloplasty is designed for men who have been in a disfiguring accident or for women who want to transition into a man. In order to be eligible for a phalloplasty, you need to be at least 18 years of age and you need to undergo permanent laser hair removal on the donor sites.

This procedure is done by harvesting skin flaps in donor areas such as the forearms, thighs, and legs. The harvested flaps are what will form the urethra and penis. These flaps will be transferred along with the existing blood supply. In a phalloplasty on a biological female, the surgeon removes the uterus and vagina and creates a penis.

The surgeon will craft one of the harvested skin flaps into a tube shape. This will be used to form a penis and be grafted to the proper area of the pelvis. The urethra is lengthened, and the skin flaps are covered by a skin graft from the thighs.

Who Could Benefit from Phalloplasty?

It typically takes many surgeries to complete the procedure, so a patient who wants to undergo a phalloplasty should fully understand what will be required. Keep in mind that patients who undergo the procedure may or may not be able to experience erotic sensation in the area after the surgeries begin and after the area is fully healed.

If you want to undergo phalloplasty for gender reassignment surgery, you’ve likely already begun to take hormones and have also had surgery to remove your breasts. A phalloplasty is considered the final step in transitioning.

There are known risks associated with phalloplasties, such as erectile dysfunction. When choosing a surgeon for the procedure, be sure to check for their success rates and complication rates, and decide if you are comfortable taking the risk. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and to discuss your concerns with the surgeon beforehand.

After undergoing phalloplasty, regular visits to your surgeon need to be made in order to prevent and manage complications.

Penile Implant Surgery After Phalloplasty in Charlotte and Concord, NC

To address issues with erection after undergoing phalloplasty surgery, penile implant surgery is usually recommended. The procedure can only be completed after a complete recovery from phalloplasty.

Dr. Richard Natale is a skilled urologist who specializes in men’s health conditions. Penile implant surgery is the most effective cure for erectile dysfunction. In our urology clinic, we are highly trained and experienced in penile implant surgery. The surgery itself has a very high satisfaction rate, and our practice has a high success rate.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Natale, contact us today by calling us at (704) 786-5131 or by filling out our easy-to-use appointment request form online now. We have convenient locations in Concord, Mint Hill, and Charlotte. We look forward to helping you along your path to a more natural, fulfilled physical lifestyle.

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