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Causes of Painful Urination

Many people take going to the bathroom for granted until there is a problem with it, such as painful urination. When urinating becomes difficult, it can usually be resolved with a quick trip to see a urologist. Painful urination is more common in older men than younger.

How Chronic Kidney Disease Is Diagnosed

Kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S. Nephritis, nephrosis, and nephrotic syndrome are all caused by kidney inflammation, which led to more than 50,000 fatalities in 2016 alone. There are over 30 million people estimated to have chronic kidney disease, representing about 10 percent of the adult population in the…

Five Commonly Performed Urology Exams

Urology is medical specialty that involves the study, diagnosis, testing, treatment, and prevention of medical problems and conditions of the urinary system – also known as the renal or urinary tract – which is comprised of the bladder, kidneys, the ureters and the urethra. It is the urinary system that is responsible for eliminating waste…

How Do Doctors Know if a Vasectomy Worked?

A vasectomy is a simple surgical procedure that keeps sperm produced in the testicles from entering a man’s semen. The quick outpatient procedure involves cutting or blocking each vas deferens duct that carries sperm from each testicle to the urethra. Instead, the sperm remain in the testicles and are reabsorbed by the body. Vasectomies are…

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