Recovery from Penile Implant Surgery

One of the biggest concerns of anyone considering any kind of surgery, including penile implant surgery, is what to expect during and after the recovery process. If you’re considering this procedure to treat your erectile dysfunction (ED), you may be wondering how that works.

With penile implant surgery, the good news is that the recovery is very low-maintenance and relatively easy and quick. Let’s talk about what you can expect from the recovery process after this operation, and where you can go to find out whether this may be a good solution for treating your ED.

Penile Implant Surgery Recovery

Penile implant surgery is an outpatient operation, so you can go home to begin recovery right after the procedure. There will be a slight amount of pain after the surgery (but not as painful as you might imagine), and your doctor will prescribe a pain reliever to alleviate any discomfort. Take the medication as prescribed, and don’t take more than you need or skip any doses.

As with any surgery, antibiotics will also be prescribed in order to prevent infection. Take the full course of antibiotics.

A feeling of soreness, bruising, and swelling around the incision site is normal and should go down after a week. It will completely resolve after two weeks; let your doctor know if there is anything that seems awry or unexpected, or if the healing seems to be taking longer than what you were told to expect by your doctor.

There will be a dressing over the incision, which requires special care. You may be able to shower after 24 hours, but do not take a bath. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions and recommendations insofar as staying clean during the first few days after your surgery.

While recovering, allow your body to heal. Be careful to avoid heavy lifting or anything that may interfere with incision healing.

Getting Back to an Active Lifestyle Again

You will have a follow-up appointment with your urologist after about two weeks so the doctor can check to see how you are healing. It is usually at this point that the doctor instructs you on how to activate and use the penile prosthesis.

The entire recovery process may take anywhere from two to four weeks. You should recover quickly if you are in reasonably good health going into the surgery and if you follow your doctor’s instructions.

Penile Implant Doctor in Concord and Mint Hill, North Carolina

If you are interested in ED treatments and possibly penile implant surgery, schedule an appointment with a urologist who routinely performs penile implant surgeries. Dr. Richard Natale is a leading urologist in North Carolina, and he specializes in treating men’s health issues – including Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Natale at Carolina Urology Partners, call us today at (704) 786-5131 or fill out our convenient online request form. We look forward to being your healthcare partner!



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