Questions to Ask a Penile Implant Doctor

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction (ED), penile implants can be an excellent solution for men who have already tried other ED treatments without success. A penile implant can enable you to participate in regular sexual activity once again.

If you are considering having a penile implant, it is a good idea to ask your doctor the following questions to find out whether it would be right for you:

Am I a good candidate for a penile implant?

Penile implants are useful for men who cannot achieve or maintain an adequate erection and do not respond well to other treatments, such as medication. However, if your erectile dysfunction stems from psychological factors, then mechanical solutions such as penile implants are unlikely to work. Also, your doctor may not recommend this solution if your ED is due to an infection or diabetes.

Men with severe Peyronie’s disease may qualify for penile implants. This disorder occurs due to scar tissue underneath the skin in the penis, which results in curved and painful erections. An implant can help restore the standard erect shape of the penis.

What are my implant options?

Penile implants come in one of two general types. Inflatable implants employ flexible cylinders that can stiffen the penis when inflated. Tubes connect these cylinders to a pump and fluid reservoir. The user has to manually operate the pump in order to start or stop the erection.

A semirigid penile implant relies on implanted rods that are permanently firm. When you are not engaged in sexual activity, you can manually push your penis to the side and against your body.

Inflatable implants create more natural erections, and they allow the penis to remain flaccid when at rest. However, they rely on pumps and reservoirs, which surgeons place in the scrotum or within the abdomen. Meanwhile, semirigid varieties are more robust due to the simplicity of their design, and they allow for more spontaneous sex.

Are there any risks to getting penile implants?

There is a small risk of implant malfunction, so if the penile implant requires repair, you will have to undergo minor surgery again.

Like all surgeries, an infection can occur with penile implant placement. Typical symptoms include fever, swelling, and pus formation.

Penile Implant Surgery in Charlotte and Concord

Ask your doctor about penile implants and any risks associated with the procedure so that you know what to expect. It’s vital to work with a doctor who specializes in men’s health and has experience performing penile implants.

Located in Concord and Mint Hill, Charlotte Men’s Health is one of the top urology practices in North Carolina. Dr. Richard Natale’s practice covers many aspects of men’s health, including penile implant surgery for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. Call us today at (704) 786-5131 or use our online form to request an appointment. We look forward to serving you!


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