When Should You See a Prostate Doctor?

The prostate is located between the bladder and the penis, situated just in front of the rectum. It produces fluid to nourish and protect the sperm. As men age, they should be more conscious of taking care of their prostate because several health problems may affect it.

Common conditions concerning the prostate are prostatitis, enlargement of the prostate, and prostate cancer. To prevent these conditions or detect them in their early stages, you should consult a specialist once you feel discomfort. Here are some of the signs that indicate you should see a prostate doctor:

It Comes With Age

Men become more prone to developing certain diseases like prostate cancer as they age. The key to fighting this condition is early detection. Specialists recommend that men experiencing prostate cancer symptoms have their regular prostate check-ups even if they are just in their 30s.

Men can also begin experiencing non-cancerous prostate problems in their 50s. Even if there are less severe conditions than cancer, some symptoms may bring discomfort to your daily life. Therefore, it should become standard practice for men to visit their prostate doctors for routine check-ups.

Urinary Symptoms

Since the prostate is near the bladder and the penis, you may feel symptoms when you urinate. Common urinary symptoms men experience that may signify problems in their prostate are as follows:

Difficulty in Urinating 

Pain while urinating is a common symptom of most prostate conditions. Sometimes, it could also be due to bacterial infections or problems with other body organs like the kidneys. A prostate doctor may ask you to undergo diagnostic tests to understand where the pain is coming from and give an accurate diagnosis.

Weak and Intermittent Urine Stream

A man’s urine should be a consistent jet. You might have an enlarged prostate if your urine does not continuously flow while urinating. This symptom may also indicate prostate cancer. To eliminate other possible conditions, you should visit a prostate doctor.

Unusual Color of the Urine 

The color of your urine can signify your health, so be mindful if its color suddenly changes. Prostatitis symptoms include having cloudy or blood in your urine. Blood can also be a sign of several other health problems.

Frequent Urination 

Observe your urination pattern. Your bathroom breaks should be related to the amount of fluid you consume. If you notice that you have been visiting the bathroom more than usual, you may want to consult a doctor. It may be a sign of an enlarged prostate.

Frequent Pain

Pain is an indication that something is not okay. If you have prostate problems, there are several areas that you should be looking after. Pain or discomfort when sitting could be an indication of an enlarged prostate. You should also be concerned if you feel pain while urinating as it may indicate an infection.

Sexual Dysfunction

The prostate gland produces seminal fluid for semen, which protects the sperm. Men with prostate problems may experience difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Specifically, having an enlarged prostate can lead to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, they could also experience pain during ejaculation.

See a Prostate Doctor in Mint Hill and Concord, North Carolina

Dr. Richard Natale, an expert in men’s health and a broad range of urological conditions, leads our team in giving you treatment tailored to your needs. Your prostate health is our top priority. If you happen to feel any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to have yourself checked.

If you have any questions, you may call us at (704) 786-5131. We also have a secure online form you may fill out to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you soon.


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