How ED Can Affect Your Marriage

As men get older, erectile dysfunction (ED) can develop gradually. People generally attribute this condition to age, and age is indeed part of the reason behind it – but it can actually be due to other underlying health conditions as well. ED can be caused by hormonal imbalances, medications, and chronic health issues like diabetes.

Approximately 18% of all men in the United States have some form of erectile dysfunction. The likelihood of developing it generally begins at age 40 and increases with each passing year.

ED is not a sign that a husband no longer finds his wife attractive. Experts agree that ED is rarely due to an issue with the man’s partner. Let’s talk about the causes of and treatments for erectile dysfunction, and how ED can affect your marriage.

What Causes ED?

If younger men have an issue with ED, it is likely because of a psychological issue. Anxiety, stress, and depression can all contribute to ED.

In some cases, medications like beta blockers for blood pressure and certain antidepressants can play a role in developing ED. Older men with ED can often be cured with treatment for issues with their blood vessels.

One study discovered that 80% of men who had a heart attack have had ED at some point in the previous three years. This indicates that if the man had seen his urologist for an evaluation of his ED, the underlying cardiovascular issue could have been found and treated, and the heart attack could have been avoided.

How Erectile Dysfunction Affects a Marriage

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your marriage relationship. Have a conversation – ask questions, and be honest with each other. A man will do well to reassure his wife that his ED is not because of her.

It is a good idea for a man’s wife to accompany him to the urologist’s office during his ED evaluation, because the physician can provide the medical answers they seek regarding the condition. Both spouses will be able to ask questions that the doctor can answer.

The urologist may prescribe medications like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. As long as a man does not have a preexisting heart condition or vascular issues, he should generally be able to withstand these medications.

Solve Your ED with Medical Intervention

For any woman who thinks that her husband’s erectile dysfunction is her fault, understand that the husband is taking it far worse. ED can be devastating to a man’s self-confidence. In some cases, neither spouse feels comfortable discussing the problem.

There are many ways to solve the symptoms of ED, but the root cause is what needs to be addressed. If you are in the Charlotte area, contact our team at Carolina Urology Partners and have a consultation with world-renowned urologist Dr. Richard Natale. We are conveniently located in Concord, North Carolina.

Call us today at (704) 786-5131 or request an appointment online, and let us help you find the solution to your erectile dysfunction and get your marriage relationship feeling healthier again!

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