What is UroLift?

At one time men seeking treatment for an enlarged prostate could expect a regimen that included any one or combination of prescription drugs, combined with a very specific holistic diet and exercise. But now, thanks to modern medicine, men have an option to treat their enlarged prostate with a new non-invasive procedure. It’s called UroLift and it is revolutionizing the way urologists are treating their patients.

How UroLift Works

Men who have an enlarged prostate can experience any number of concerns – from reduced sexual function to painful and erratic urination (either too much or not enough). UroLift is an outpatient procedure that does not necessitate the removal of prostate tissue or special post-procedure maintenance. The UroLift procedure is pretty straightforward – your urologist lifts the enlarged prostate, then implants prostatic retractors to keep the prostate lobes apart, thereby relieving compression on the urethra and preventing blockage. With UroLift you may be under general or local anesthesia and can expect the procedure to be out-patient. With UroLift, you can expect to return home on the same day, without bandages and catheters.

Benefits of UroLift

UroLift is a minimally invasive medical procedure that requires no cutting or removal of any tissue. Not only is UroLift safe and effective, clinical data show that UroLift has no detrimental effects on sexual or erectile function. Plus with UroLift there is little to no downtime and side effects are minimal – you may experience slight pelvic pain, spotting or painful urination for the first week or so – but even these side effects usually are slight. Best of all, results are long lasting.

Is UroLift Right for You?

The UroLift System is a great option for males with an enlarged prostate who otherwise would depend on drug therapy for symptom relief. It also is an outstanding option for men who dread going under the knife for more invasive procedures.  Specifically, UroLift may be perfect for men who have experienced unpleasant side effects from previous treatments or who may be trying to reduce or eliminate the amount of medications they take each day.

UroLift Procedure in Concord, North Carolina

While an enlarged prostate is considered a normal condition of getting older, you don’t have to live with the many problems that come with that condition. At Carolina Urology Partners, urologist Dr. Richard Natale is renowned for his state-of-the-art diagnostic services and expertise in treating mean’s health issues. If you are experiencing any symptoms of an enlarged prostate, or would like to establish a baseline for annual prostate exams, call Dr. Natale today at (704) 786-5131 or you can request an appointment online.

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