Restoring Hope With Penile Implants

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can significantly impact your life. Knowing that more than 30 million men in the US have this condition does little to help those who suffer from it. ED is the inability to have sexual intercourse because the penis is either not rigid enough or the erection does not last long enough. Unfortunately, the emotional impact of ED, also sometimes called impotence, can negatively affect a man’s confidence and self-esteem in relationships as well as in his professional life.

Treatments for ED

There are a range of treatments available for ED, including oral medication, self-administered injections, and urethral suppositories. These methods work for many men, but they all have varying degrees of side effects that are not well tolerated by everyone. Medication is usually the first treatment method that your doctor will recommend. Oral medications work by increasing sensitivity to nitric oxide, a chemical found naturally in the body. This helps relax the muscles of the penis, which allows blood flow to increase. There are also vacuum pumps that works by increasing blood flow to the penis. All of these methods are temporary solutions, if they work at all.

Side Effects

Oral medications may cause side effects such as headaches, changes in vision, stomach upset, and nasal congestion. Medication may not work for men with diabetes or for those who have ED caused by prostate surgery.

Both injections and urethral suppositories carry a risk of scar tissue forming in the penis. They can cause minor bleeding and pain, and there is a chance of prolonged erection with injections.

Penis pumps may detract from natural sensation in the penis during sex. Ejaculation is restricted and there is a possibility of bruising.

Not everyone experiences these side effects, but side effects can influence the success and satisfaction of a healthy sex life.

Penile Implants Cure ED

For those who seek a permanent solution to ED, there is hope. Penile implant surgery is the only permanent cure for erectile dysfunction. Penile implants have a very high satisfaction rate with patients and their partners. A device is implanted in the penis through a minimally-invasive procedure covered by health insurance, including Medicare. The procedure requires just one night in the hospital before you can go home.

Unlike men using medication to treat ED, men with penile implants can have sex spontaneously with an erection that feels natural and will last as long as he wants. The implants are discreet and even undetectable by sexual partners.

Restored Intimacy

Whether ED is caused by an underlying medical condition like diabetes, or stress and anxiety, smoking, the side effects of certain medications, or the result of surgery, the inability to have sex when you and your partner want to can be a significant problem in your relationship. Penile implants can restore a spontaneous and enjoyable sex life, promoting intimacy, confidence, and happiness.

Dr. Richard Natale of Carolina Urology Partners is a board-certified urologist experienced in the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction, including penile implants. If you are ready to get help from a skilled men’s health doctor, call (704) 786-5131 for an appointment at our convenient Concord, North Carolina, office location.

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