Prosthetic Urology Practices: Dr. Richard Natale Specializes in Prosthetic Implants

There are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction (ED), which is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection; including pills, vacuum pumps, and shots.  However, a penile prosthesis is the most successful and only widely available cure for ED.

There are two general categories of penile implants: malleable or inflatable.  The simplest type is the malleable prosthesis, which involves placement of “bendable” rods that are inserted into the erection chambers of the penis.  With this type of device, the penis is always rigid and merely needs to be lifted or adjusted into the appropriate position to have sex.  However, most men prefer to use the inflatable penile prosthesis because it offers a more natural result.  This involves placement of a device that typically has three parts to it: inflatable cylinders that are inserted into the erection chambers; these are connected to a small hydraulic pump placed into the scrotum; and there is a small reservoir of fluid placed under the muscles in the lower abdomen. This device is much easier to conceal and allows men to a more natural appearing penis.

Dr. Richard Natale has specialized in prosthetic implants for over seven years and is currently one of the highest volume implant surgeons in the greater Charlotte area. As a result of his outstanding growth in this specialized area of urology, Dr. Natale was recently recognized at the national meeting for AMS/ Boston Scientific, the company that designed the original penile prosthesis and is the leading manufacturer of these implants worldwide.  This is a special honor bestowed upon very few urologists in the country.

As a testament to his expertise in the field of implant urology and his dedication to his patients, Dr. Natale is also excited to announce the first cash-pay program available in the Carolinas for patients who don’t have insurance coverage for this procedure. He has partnered with the doctors and staff at the Charlotte Surgery Center to perform these procedures at the lowest possible cost available.  Soon, he will be part of a nationwide network of physicians listed on Surgeo, which is a website devoted to surgeons who can offer these life changing procedures at reasonable rates.

To learn more about penile implants and news about Dr. Richard Natale, call Charlotte Men’s Health at (704) 786-5131 to request an appointment.


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