Symptoms of Male Infertility

Many couples are choosing to have children later in life. Age is a factor in conception – with younger women being more likely to conceive a healthy child. If you and your partner are having difficulty getting pregnant, determining the cause is often a process of elimination. Here are some symptoms of male infertility.

Infertility is diagnosed when a couple has frequent, unprotected sex for 6 months to a year without conceiving a child. About 15% of couples are infertile, and half of those are due to issues with the male. Male infertility is always related to the number or quality of sperm he produces and ejaculates. Most of the underlying causes for low sperm count do not cause noticeable symptoms. The simplest test when determining why a couple can’t conceive is measuring sperm count. Then, if the count is low the man can move on to further tests to determine the underlying cause.

·       Your partner not getting pregnant when you’re having unprotected sex is the number one symptom of male infertility.

·       Pain in the testes that may be present with a lump or swelling.

·       Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, including decreased body hair, growth of breast tissue, and unexplained changes in mood can all be signs of a problem.

·       Changes in the volume of ejaculate or difficulty in emitting semen during an orgasm.

·       Loss of sexual desire.

·       Inability to maintain an erection, called erectile dysfunction (ED).

·       Confirmation of a sperm count that is lower than normal, less than 39 million sperm in one ejaculation.

If you suspect that you are infertile, it’s important to consult with a urologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. A men’s health specialist can quickly diagnose male infertility and help get you on the path to parenthood. Patients in North Carolina trust Dr. Richard Natale, a board-certified urologist at Carolina Urology. Call (704) 786-5131 or request an appointment online today. We have offices in Concord or Charlotte, North Carolina.

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